RIDER OF THE WEEK: Clément Barbier 4 July 2017

RIDER OF THE WEEK: Clément Barbier

French, fun and fast! We catch up with the RC Cup France championship leader

Clément Barbier is an eighteen-year-old French student from Six-Fours in France. This weekend he took a double race victory at Pôle Mécanique Ales Cevennes which saw him increase his lead in the championship.

Clément is one of our Instagram stars and one of the most actively engaged users of the platform, his updates show his passion for RC Cup racing and his support of other riders is truly fantastic.

As with all race series, it is important for our riders to have good social media skills as this will undoubtedly help them secure sponsorship and support for their future racing. Check him out on Instagram

Back when he was just eight-years old, Clément took to Motocross riding. Coming from a family who rode and raced bikes, it was in his blood from a young age. What started out as a hobby soon developed into a passion. After a couple of races in Motocross, Clément decided to make the transition to circuit racing at twelve years old.

“I changed discipline because I was more attracted by the circuit, than motocross,” said Clément. “It is a much better sensation. At the beginning, it is complicated to understand the trajectories of every circuit, the changes of angles and the ride position. But once I got to grips with it, there was no stopping me!”

We spoke to Clément about why he chose the KTM RC CUP for the CDFPromosport 400

“I chose the RC 390 because it is a motorcycle that is exceptional. As soon as I saw there was a series for this motorcycle, I joined straight away!”

His first circuit race took place when he was fifteen years old. It was an endurance race of 3 hours around a karting circuit in Ales. The weather was terrible with rain throughout the whole race and unfortunately there were mechanical failures which meant the team finished in 15th overall. Despite being unhappy with the result, this race cemented his passion to race and so he started with training and kept working towards his goal.

It was this year, in Ledenon, that Clément won his first race. It is one he will never forget. In his own words:

“During the first test session, I don’t feel very comfortable. I always look for the position that suits me on my bike; We make several adjustments and in the second test session I gained 7 seconds per lap, which is huge.

“Qualifying took place in the rain on Saturday. I left with poor tire pressure and placed me in 36th place in the overall standings Promosport 400, 7th in the RC 390 Cup. I was disappointed but knew I could make the best of it. For the first semifinal, I am 20th on the starting grid but I found a good rhythm which brings me back to 11th place in the overall standings and 2nd in the KTM Cup.

Sunday for the final, I find myself again 20th on the starting grid. In addition, I take a bad start relegating me to 23rd position. Fortunately, I find a good rhythm again and bring myself to 15th overall. However, on the last few laps, I started to feel some play on the front end. I cross the finish line 18th overall to discover that one of my forks has taken off the stirrup!

My performance, nevertheless, allows me to win this first round of the RC Cup motorcycle race!”

Clément’s first race win goes to show that even when you seem to have the worst luck when the start isn’t perfect or you have mechanical issues, the race isn’t over until the chequered flag waves. His determination to get the best out of his situation is what saw him win his class and take the lead of the KTM RC Cup championship in France.

His advice to other young riders, either wanting to get into the series or working hard for their first podium is as follows:

“Don’t be afraid of learning this sport, it is a real happiness and gives you a unique sensation. A great deal of patience and work are required to get you to the level you want to be. You will need rigor and perseverance. Then, you can start to win races.”

Clément says his best race has been this weekend’s round at Pôle Mécanique Ales Cevennes (July 1) where he won both RC Cup races. He has a lot of supporters who helped him achieve this including CTM83, Private Training, G2STP, Biorhythm, lescotch, Dafy Moto Toulon, cc service+ and mostly, Atelier Barbier.

His dream this season is to race at the RC Cup World Final, putting himself against the very best KTM RC 390 riders from around the globe. Clément is looking in good shape to make that dream a reality and is one to watch for the future!

So, congratulations on your championship lead Clément Barbier, and on becoming the KTM RC CUP Rider of the Week!


“I chose the RC 390 because it is a motorcycle that is exceptional. As soon as I saw there was a series for this motorcycle, I joined straight away!”

Clément Barbier