HART ATTACK: Brian David is RC Cup World Final Champion 22 October 2017 Luke Brackenbury

HART ATTACK: Brian David is RC Cup World Final Champion

Brian David Hart wins full KTM Supersport 300 support package after World Final

Brian David Hart is the 2017 KTM RC Cup World Final Champion after two action-packed races at Spain’s Circuito de Velocidad, Jerez.

The 15-year old from Spain made history in 2017 as the first rider to compete in two different KTM RC Cup series in one season; placing third overall in the British championship and second overall in the German series after leading both for the majority of the season.

After two intense races in the scorching Spanish heat on October 21-22, Hart’s combined points from his fifth and second place finishes were enough to see him crowned champion ahead of British RC Cup champion, Fenton Seabright, and Benelux RC Cup champion, Glenn van Straalen.  

To underline its commitment to supporting young racers and helping them make the next step up in their career ladders, KTM Customer Racing presented Hart with a full support package to field him on a Supersport300 (SSP300) specification RC 390 for the 2018 season in a national series. Seabright and van Straalen will also received an intensive test day on KTM’s devoping SSP300 challenger.

The rewards didn’t stop there as the top 10 placed riders all received a carbon fibre X-Lite helmet, with Hart, Seabright and van Straalen also receiving an additional extended three-year race contract from the Nolan Group, providing both equipment and financial support to help them in their careers.

KTM Customer Racing’s Thomas Kuttruf said: “What an amazing weekend and two races in Spain. The World Final has once again proved the successful formula of KTM RC Cup racing programme. As the READY TO RACE company, KTM provides future champions with a competitive machine to really springboard their careers.

“Many emotions involved when the best RC Cup riders from all over the world battled at this event. Of course there can only be one champion, but KTM remains committed to furthering the career of all talents which have developed themselves through RC Cup racing.” 

Race 1 was won from van Straalen by a margin of 0.000s which required a photo finish verdict over Britain’s Jack Nixon in second and third was German champion, Max Schmidt. In Race 2, Seabright made amends for crashing out of the lead on the final lap the previous day and took victory ahead of Hart and Dutchman Milan Merckelbagh. A huge accident in the leading group saw Nixon, van Straalen and Muhammad I. B. Mohd Norrodin crash out unhurt, while Schmidt also saw his World Final dreams go down in a separate incident.


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 KTM RC Cup World Final standings after Race 2 of 2

  1. Brian Hart #29 (BRA) 31 points (5th/2nd)
  2. Fenton Seabright #15 (GBR) 25 pts (DNF/1st)
  3. Glenn van Straalen #26 (NED) 25 pts (1st/DNF)
  4. Milan Merckelbagh #25 (NED) 23 pts (9th/3rd)
  5. Cory Ventura #9 (USA) 21 pts (6th/5th)
  6. Jack Nixon #14 (GBR) 20 pts (2nd/DNF)
  7. Aaron Schaefer #12 (GER) 18 pts (7th/7th)
  8. Max Schmidt #4 (GER) 16 pts (3rd/DNF)
  9. Adolfo Delgado #27 (MEX) 15 pts (11th/9th)
  10. Lee Doti #20 (CH) 14 pt (15th/4th)
  11. Matthew Bower #16 (GBR) 6 pts (10th/8th)
  12. Muhammad I. B. Mohd Norrodin #8 (MAS) 13 pts (4th/DNF)
  13. Daniel Cano (MEX) 9 pts (13th/10th)
  14. David Kubáň (CZE) 4 pts (12th/11th)
  15. Guus Boes #24 (NED) 8 pts (8th/DNF)
  16. Bibi Damen #31 (NED) 7 pts (16th/9th)
  17. Ahmad Idham Khairuddin #3 (MAS) 4 pts (17th/12th)
  18. Benjamin Smith #1 (USA) 4 pts (14th/14th)
  19. Roy Voermans #30 (NED) 3 pts (18th/13th)
  20. Gabriel Da Silva #33 (MEX) 1 pt (20th/15th)